What Does Rooter Service Mean?

What Does Rooter Service Mean?

The last thing you want is tree roots, debris, or corrosion breaking up your sewer lines and the drains for your home. Once this happens, you must contact a professional rooter service in Lake Stevens to get to the heart of the matter promptly. All Valley Plumbing is here to help!

What Is Rooter Service?

A rooter is a machine used for drain cleaning created to help unblock drains clogged up with debris and tree roots. When you hire a rooter service, you call the plumbing repair experts to help you with your pipes and drains. Today’s plumbing professionals have various tools and technology to get the job done to ensure you have free and clear lines. The name for such service comes from the familiar culprit of such drain issues: tree roots.

Hiring a rooter service will help you solve the common issues that develop with slow and clogged drains. Blockages can impact your plumbing in several ways, including problems with the fixtures. You may also have a severe clog that can cause a backup or a hidden leak within the lines. Regarding your sewer lines, you could have a clog that has developed due to root infiltration, non-flushable items getting stuck, or both.

When you call us at All Valley Plumbing, we can come to your home to help you combat these common problems. We are professionals in the area and have a wealth of experience regarding clogs and blockages. Once you contact us, we can send someone out to your location at your earliest convenience to do a full assessment of your needs.

When you need a rooter service in Lake Stevens, you can count on our staff at All Valley Plumbing. Call us today at (425) 357-7420, and we can set up an appointment.

We Can Handle The Plumbing In Your Sultan Rental Property

We Can Handle The Plumbing In Your Sultan Rental Property

Are you a landlord for a Camano Island Property? If you are new to renting out to tenants, you might not know where to turn when it comes to certain plumbing repairs. A plumbing problem can pop up anytime, and you must ensure that it gets taken care of. The bottom line is that when you require rental property plumbing in Sultan, we can help at All Valley Plumbing.

Before renting out the home or the apartment, you should have all of the plumbing checked out by professionals. This is an excellent way to ensure everything is in good working condition before the tenants move in. A professional plumber will ensure that there are no signs of pipe leakage and that everything looks good before anyone signs the lease or rental agreement.

Once your rental property is occupied, there can be some common problems that may arise. Your tenant could call you about a leaking or blocked toilet, or there may be issues with clogged drains or a pipe that has started to drip. When you call us at All Valley Plumbing, we can send out a technician as soon as possible to address the issue. We understand how important it is to ensure that your tenants are happy in their living space, so we can get to work as soon as you wish.

Should you be renovating your rental property between tenants, we are also available for repiping, fixture relocation, new appliance installation, gasfitting, and much more. Once you get in touch with a team member, we will be happy to visit your rental space and come up with a bid for the job. Your rental property will always be in excellent hands with All Valley Plumbing.

Instead of trying to tackle repairs on your own, contact All Valley Plumbing at (425) 357-7420 for your rental property plumbing in Sultan.

Why Have A Garbage Disposal Installed?

Why Have A Garbage Disposal Installed?If the kitchen in your Mukilteo home does not have a garbage disposal, maybe it is time to consider a new installation. When you have a garbage disposal, there are many benefits – making life easier for your household. All you have to do is set up an appointment with us at All Valley Plumbing, and we can take care of the installation for you!

A garbage disposal offers a more straightforward method for removing discarded food while keeping your plumbing healthy. This translates into less need for calling a plumber to come out for repair work should you have a clog that develops.

These are just some of the reasons to have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen:

  1. Dishwashing is improved – Cleaning up after meals becomes faster and less hassle when you have a garbage disposal. You just scrape bits of food into the drain and flush them with water and the device before you wash.
  2. Fewer clogs in the drains – Food always finds its way into your drains no matter how you try to stop it. However, rather than large pieces caught up in the pipes, you can turn on the garbage disposal to grind them up and rinse them away.
  3. No more foul odors – The smell of rotting food is a familiar stench in many kitchens. This happens when food bits get caught up in the drains and left to fester. Rather than odorous food items sitting around, you can use your garbage disposal to blast them out and rinse them away.

We want you to know that there are still some things better left OUT of your garbage disposal, including:

  • Vegetable peels
  • Grease and oil
  • Eggshells
  • Bones
  • Fruit or vegetable seeds and pits
  • Coffee grounds
  • Uncooked rice and pasta
  • Non-food items like plastic, paper, metals, etc.

When you require a new garbage disposal installation or repair work in your Mukilteo home, All Valley Plumbing can help! Call us at (425) 357-7420.

Stanwood Residents Deserve Affordable Plumbing Solutions

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You probably know the feeling that comes over you when you realize there is an issue with any of the significant elements of your Stanwood property. As a homeowner, dealing with plumbing is just a piece of the puzzle. However, when something goes wrong, you need professionals to offer fast, efficient, affordable residential plumbing in Stanwood.

All Valley Plumbing is Here!

There could be any number of reasons to hire a plumbing professional to come out to your residence. We get a range of calls here at All Valley Plumbing, and all of our highly-skilled technicians are ready to get to work when you need it. From plumbing inspections to repiping, we can handle it all.

Often, we will see DIY plumbing catastrophes that could have been avoided with a simple call to our office. Whether you are having issues with your water pressure or feel there is a hidden leak within your piping system, we can send out a team member to take a look.

Emergency plumbing when available – please contact us for details.

Don’t Let Plumbing Woes Cause Undue Stress

Plumbing issues can get to just about anyone, even a homeowner with a fix-it background. While we may not consider a garbage disposal making odd sounds or a clogged toilet reason to call us ASAP, we are more than happy to set up a time to look at whatever concerns you have.

Some of the top reasons we get calls for routine residential plumbing service include:

  • Foul, sulfur-like smells coming from the sink, tub, or shower drains
  • Water backing up in strange places
  • Low water pressure or slow drainage
  • Leaking, cracked, or burst piping
  • Failed DIY attempts that require fixing
  • New piping, water heater, or fixture installations
  • Regular plumbing maintenance

Contact All Valley Plumbing by calling (425) 357-7420 to set up an appointment for residential plumbing services in Stanwood.

Let Our Licensed Plumbers Handle Your Smokey Point Bathroom Plumbing

Let Our Licensed Plumbers Handle Your Smokey Point Bathroom PlumbingHaving a bathroom that you love will give you an incredible feeling. Not only that, but updating your bathroom adds to your home’s value and boosts resale value should you decide to sell in the future. To ensure the remodel or renovation goes as smoothly as possible, having highly skilled plumbers in Smokey Point to handle the work is best.

Drainage Complexities

Without proper training, you may not be able to handle the bathroom’s drainage system to ensure proper functionality. Any minor changes may be in your wheelhouse and a weekend DIY project, but more than that calls for the help of a trained plumber. All Valley Plumbing features plumbers who specialize in drainage to guarantee you have a flawless system through and through.

Professional Advice

Even if you have ideas, you will want to get qualified advice from someone who understands bathroom layouts. Whether you are simply changing out your fixtures or want to redo the entire structure of your bathroom, we have design specialists who understand lavatory functionality on staff and are ready to help. We will address your questions and concerns and ensure everything is executed correctly.

All Valley Plumbing Has Your Back

There is a lot that could go wrong with a bathroom renovation project, regardless of the extent. Not only will we assist with the design process, but we will also source the materials, locate specialty fixtures, and put a plan of action in place for the entire installation. To give you peace of mind, all of our work is 100% guaranteed.

When you plan a bathroom remodel, it is best to contact plumbers in Smokey Point to get the job done. Call All Valley Plumbing at (425) 357-7420 for details.

Handling Your Arlington Sewer Repair Needs

Handling Your Arlington Sewer Repair Needs

If you think it might be time to call someone for sewer repair in Arlington, remember that this is never a time to wait. The longer you wait to have your sewer line checked or fixed, the more significant the issue becomes. Hiring someone for your repair needs will give you peace of mind that your wastewater system will run smoothly again.

Once a sewer pipe from your business or home requires replacement, this is not the type of job you want to handle yourself. There are many projects like this that are better left to professionals that have the necessary experience. We want you to know that here at All Valley Plumbing, we understand the frustrations when something goes wrong on your property. Our team is here to help you with all of your plumbing and sewer line needs.

Know the Signs

If you know the signs to look for, it is easier to spot indications there is an issue brewing within your sewer line. Once you start to see one or more of the following, it is time to get in touch with our team to schedule an inspection and consultation:

  • Strong smells similar to that of rotten eggs, usually hard to ignore.
  • Slower drains in one or more of the pipes within your home.
  • More pests, including rodents that enjoy hanging around sewer lines.
  • Mildew and mold development that indicates increased moisture around the affected area.
  • Water damage in the form of warped wood, discoloration and excessive moisture leading to material degradation.
  • Flooding within the home or pooling in your yard is a major red flag and you need prompt assistance to have your sewer line repaired.

All Valley Plumbing is available to handle your sewer repair in Arlington. Call our office at (425) 357-7420 to schedule a consultation.

Hiring A Skilled Plumber In Mill Creek Gives You Peace Of Mind

Hiring A Skilled Plumber In Mill Creek Gives You Peace Of Mind

You want everything to run as smoothly as possible within your home, so the last thing you need is a plumbing issue. However, there are many times when it is better to call a plumber in Mill Creek rather than take on a DIY project. All Valley Plumbing has a team ready to go when you need us, including emergency plumbing when available – please contact us for details.

There are two types of homeowners – one that has the number of a plumber ready to go and those that do not. If you do not have your plumber on speed dial, you must know who you should call. So many emergencies and situations call for skilled help rather than chancing it with a few YouTube videos and how-to books.

Clogged Drains

You may think you can start poking at the drain or drop a few glugs of chemical drain cleaner down and hope it does the trick. However, you should know that the drain cleaners on the market today can do more harm than good.  It is better to call the pros for a clogged drain situation, especially one that keeps happening.

Water Pressure Concerns

If you are having issues with your water pressure, you may issue the incoming supply line. Sometimes, a slight fracture or break underground within the line could leak water.

Water Temperature Fluctuations

You will want to have a skilled plumber look at your water heater for temperature fluctuations. Whether you have a hot water tank or a tankless unit, someone is better addressed by someone with training and experience.

(425) 357-7420 is the number to call when you need a plumber in Mill Creek. All Valley Plumbing has technicians available for service when you need it!

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Plumbing In Bothell?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Plumbing In Bothell?

When you run or manage a business, you must consider all functional aspects of the building. From the wiring to the plumbing, everything needs to be in excellent working condition at all times. Should you require upgrades to your commercial plumbing in Bothell, we are here to assist at All Valley Plumbing!

Our team of experienced plumbers can help ensure your business gets the attention it deserves. You can count on us for various commercial plumbing repair services and upgrades to drainage, water lines, sinks, fixtures, and beyond.

These are some of the top reasons to call us for commercial plumbing upgrades:

Reduced Water Pressure

Sudden water pressure changes could signal a leaking pipe, a break, or a total blockage. Gradual changes in the water pressure may not call for immediate attention, but it is still an indication that you could use repair work or upgrades.

Water Discoloration

Water should be running clear through your incoming pipes. Should you notice a brownish or dark color, deposits, or sediment, you could have corrosion developing in the line. These bits can lead to blockages or a burst pipe, so our plumbers can check everything out to address it before something significant happens.

Smells and Strange Sounds

Gurgling from sinks or a laundry room in your commercial building could mean a developing backup. If you notice foul odors, this is also a sign that a backup could be looming, and you need it checked as soon as possible.

Whenever you have outdated piping that seems to be developing a lot of wear, it is time to consider your options for commercial plumbing upgrades. We are here to inspect the plumbing system at your business, apartment complex, or any commercial property in the area.

All Valley Plumbing has your Bothell commercial plumbing needs covered. Call us at (425) 357-7420 to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Count On Us To Handle Your Plumbing In Camano Island

Count On Us To Handle Your Plumbing In Camano Island

The plumbing system throughout your home is simple yet intricate. It would help if you had all your piping and fixtures work flawlessly so that you and your family could enjoy daily life without hassle. Should anything arise with your plumbing in Camano Island, know that you can always count on All Valley Plumbing to handle the project for you!

Don’t Bother With DIY

Many people fall victim to the misconception that all plumbing projects can be a do-it-yourself event. Any issues with your plumbing are better left to skilled plumbing technicians so that you can ensure it gets done the first time correctly.

Some people notice a slight plumbing problem and then let it slide to fix another day. You need to know that many plumbing issues will worsen the longer you wait. Failing to address a leaking pipe or drip in your shower could turn into something more costly down the road.

Timely Plumbing Service

The last thing you want is to call a team to help with your plumbing, only to find that you are left waiting. All Valley Plumbing takes pride in being fast to arrive at all of our plumbing projects – especially when our customers call us for emergency service.

Safe, Effective Results

When you have plumbing woes with something like your water heater or another appliance, you need to know that all work is done safely and efficiently. We are fully trained and licensed to handle your plumbing repairs, replacements, or installations – all to give you peace of mind that you can be happy with your investment in your home.

When it comes to household plumbing in Camano Island, you need the best. Call (425) 357-7420 to talk with our team at All Valley Plumbing today. Be sure to check out our available discounts and specials online!

Is It Time To Replace The Clay Sewer Lines On Your Granite Falls Property?

Is It Time To Replace The Clay Sewer Lines On Your Granite Falls Property?

Any older property will usually have older and out-of-date sewer lines and plumbing. If you own an older home, you need to be sure you are doing what you can to take care of this inner framework because all of the plumbing is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Whenever you know that you need clay sewer line repair in Granite Falls, calling the experts is the way to go.

Many older buildings will usually be outfitted with concrete or clay sewer pipes. Newer plumbing systems and sewer lines are usually made with modern materials that you will see in new home constructions. When you feel it is time for service, replacement, or repair, the professionals will have the knowledge and experience to work with your lines.

Pipe Failure

There can come a time when pipes can start to settle and move around depending on weather conditions and if the ground thaws and freezes rapidly. When you have older clay or concrete pipes, they can be subject to fractures that lead to a leak. If this happens, you could have roots that begin to infiltrate and cause a blockage.


When older pipes deteriorate, you may start to have a leak that will lead to greener grass and wet spots around your yard. If your clay or concrete sewer lines are breaking down, you need to think about talking to someone about repairs or replacement, depending on the level of breakdown.

It would help if you let the experts deal with your sewer replacement or repair in Granite Falls. Call All Valley Plumbing at (425) 357-7420.