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Clogged Sink Plumbing Lake Stevens

What many homeowners may not realize is that there can be an issue with their sink drain that is brewing that is progressively getting worse. Depending upon the area of the home where the sink is located, there can be a number of elements that make their way down the drain that can lead to a clog. In the kitchen, there can be various food items and oils or fats that will get into the drain and cause a major clog in the sink. These are things that can build up over time and eventually make it so that the sink is unable to drain properly. For the bathroom, regular grooming tasks such as shaving can leave unwanted hair that gets down into the drain and builds up, leading to a clog. By the same token, any household with children will often times see a mystery clog that can come from any number of items or substances being put down the sink that leads to a major clog that has to be addressed.

No matter what may have caused the clogged sinks in your home, our professional plumbers can be there to help. Whether there is a malfunctioning disposal in the kitchen or there is an accumulation of food and soap, we have the tools and the skills to tackle the job to help make sure that your sink is able to drain freely and function as normal. We can work to not only remedy the clogged drain, but also offer solutions that you can use each day to help ensure that you do not have the same clog repeated time after time.