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Does your property operate with concrete or clay sewer lines? Clay piping systems were developed thousands of years ago and remained popular for metropolitan plumbing and drainage networks through the first part of the 20th century. Modern manufacturing practices have now developed product made from dense clay that is regularly used throughout the US today, though the pipes are commonly enclosed in concrete for additional reinforcement against shifting soil and damaging roots. All Valley Plumbing has long been a local source for concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Bothell.

Clay and concrete sewer pipes are known for their longevity and toughness. As they are made from water, organic elements and repurposed clay, they are environmentally sound. In addition, clay sewer lines do not corrode and can last for centuries under ideal conditions.

As with any kind of plumbing system, there are some difficulties with clay pipes. They are heavy and more awkward to work with than PVC, are more predisposed to to leaks and root intrusion than iron pipes and can break under concentrated compression. Therefore, encasing the clay in concrete for extra protection is wise, which can add to the cost of the sewer system.

For clay pipe assessment, new connection or an unexpected leak, notify the team at All Valley Plumbing. We have the necessary skill and experience to deal with all issues regarding concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Bothell. Call (425) 357-7420 to make an appointment for a service call or for questions about clay sewer line operation. You may contact us for all your sewer line needs, no matter how small or extensive.


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