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Are your sewer pipes made from clay or concrete? Clay piping systems were invented thousands of years ago and continued their acceptance for municipal drainage and plumbing through the early 20th century. Today’s manufacturing techniques produce a solid, ceramic-like clay pipe that benefits from routine use all around the country in all types of applications. The pipes are typically covered in concrete for increased stability against root intrusion and shifting soil. The team at All Valley Plumbing is a proud community source for premium concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Granite Falls.

For an enduring and stable product, clay and concrete sewer lines work well. As they are made from organic ingredients, water and recycled clay, clay pipes are environmentally suitable. In addition, clay lines are rust-resistant and can last for centuries under optimum conditions.

All piping systems have some type of drawback. While PVC is lightweight, clay pipes are very heavy and difficult to move. They are also more likely to develop leaks and incur damage from roots than iron pipes and clay will snap when exposed to extreme pressure. Enclosing the clay in concrete helps to protect the pipe and make it more durable but it does add to installation costs.

For clay pipe inspection, questions about new installation or for any problems you may have with clay lines, contact the plumbers at All Valley Plumbing. We have the experience and qualifications for superior concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Granite Falls. Call (425) 357-7420 for a service call or for any issues concerning clay sewer line operation. We are prepared to take care of your sewer lines.

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