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Clay and concrete sewer lines were invented thousands of years ago and maintained standard use for metropolitan drainage and plumbing systems across the world through the first part of the 1900s. Modern manufacturing practices now produce a thick, terra cotta clay pipe that is frequently used today, though the lines are often encased by concrete for added stability against root obstruction and shifting soil. All Valley Plumbing is proud to supply affordable and timely concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Marysville.

Sewer pipes made from concrete and clay are known to be tough and last a long time. Due to the natural ingredients that make up clay lines, they are ecologically responsible. Clay pipes do not rust like iron and can endure for centuries in premium conditions.

All plumbing has some weaknesses, including clay. Concrete and clay pipes are quite heavy and difficult to maneuver in small spaces, unlike PVC that is lightweight and easy to move. Clay lines can become brittle over time and acquire leaks from water and root invasion and can crack under severe pressure. Because of this, clay is usually surrounded with concrete for added protection, although this does increase costs for installation and repair.

For evaluation of commercial or residential clay pipes, connection in a newly-constructed structure or if your clay sewer pipes have a leak, All Valley Plumbing experts have the necessary credentials and skill to handle concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Marysville. Phone (425) 357-7420 for an appointment or if you have questions about clay sewer pipe operation. We can be reached 24 hours every day to take care of your sewer line requirements.


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