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Whether your residence or business is located in an area prone to flooding or not, it is still necessary to safeguard the foundation with drain tile. The distinctively-designed and appropriately-ventilated pipe system sits on a filter layer in a ditch that surrounds the building base. It draws ground water away from the structure to a different area down slope. Drain tile is typically installed during manufacture but can be put in afterward, if needed. Should the system be placed incorrectly, the ill-fated result is a landscape filled with water and basement or crawl space flooding. Drain tile work should be left to the professionals at All Valley Plumbing. We are skilled at drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Arlington.

If you notice water in the crawl space or basement, this is usually an issue with the drain tile. There is probably a clog in the line. Additional problems include a sump pit that does not drain completely and a drain tile outlet that empties slowly. Since inspecting it is not often a priority, the crawl space or basement can have water seep in unnoticed. Excess moisture can damage floor joists and wood trusses and cause structural instability. Drain tile that has not been correctly installed can lead to premature failure of the foundation. Routine evaluation of the building and its foundation by a knowledgeable plumber ensures that your drain tile is working effectively.

Repairing drain tile is not a simple task. If a small portion is damaged, restoration can often be completed rather quickly. However, it is usually better to replace the complete drain tile network to be in no doubt that it will remain operational for years to come.

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