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Whether you are in a region prone to flooding or not, it is still imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect the foundation of your residential or commercial venture with drain tile. A drain tile system is found in a trench that surrounds the base of the structure. It efficiently draws excess water away from the building to another area down slope. Drain tile is typically installed during the construction phase but can be added later, if needed. If it is not put in correctly, water will accumulate in the landscape and the basement or crawl space will flood. Drain tile work should only be handled by certified plumbers like those found at All Valley Plumbing. We have the necessary skills for expert drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Everett.

If water rises in the crawl space or basement, it is often a drain tile situation. There is a possible blockage in the piping network. Make certain that your sump pit empties as it should, and that the drain tile outlet runs well. As basement and crawl space examination is not usually a standard occurrence, water can seep into the area and soak it for extended periods with occupants being unaware of the situation. Moisture damages wood trusses and floor joists and triggers instability. Drain tile that has been ineptly installed can lead to premature malfunction. Regularly scheduled building and foundation assessment by an experienced plumber safeguards proper drain tile operation.

Repairing a small portion of drain tile is doable but it is often a better idea to replace the complete drain tile network to ensure nonstop operation.

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