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Whether your residential or commercial structure is situated in an area known for flooding or not, it is still prudent to protect its foundation with drain tile. The exceptional perforated pipe system can be found in an underground trench that surrounds the base of the building. It lures ground water away from the foundation to another area. Drain tile functions best when installed during building construction but can be a later addition, if necessary. If the system is not correctly installed, the unfortunate result is a saturated crawl space or basement or a water-soaked landscape. Drain tile work should be handled only by the skilled plumbers at All Valley Plumbing. We have the required expertise for drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Lake Stevens.

If you see accruing water in the crawl space or basement, it is often a drain tile situation. There is probably an obstacle in the line. Make certain that the sump pit empties entirely, and the drain tile outlet pours out with ease. Since crawl space or basement inspection is not often standard procedure, water can accumulate without warning. Water exposure can weaken floor supports and wood trusses and cause building unsteadiness. Drain tile that has been connected by amateurs can lead to ill-timed collapse. Periodic evaluation of the structure and foundation guarantees that the drain tile is functioning appropriately.

Repairing a small portion of drain tile can typically be completed with ease. However, replacing the complete drain tile network safeguards functionality for many years.

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