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Drain tile effectively protects a structure’s foundation from water overflow. The perforated pipe, its filter medium and the trench in which they rest underground outline the foundation and take water away from the walls. Drain tile is generally installed during construction of a building by contractors with skill in inclining water from the foundation, although it can be a later addition. A drain that is not put in correctly can cause a flooded yard and a damp basement. Talk with a pro at All Valley Plumbing for expert guidance concerning drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Mill Creek.

If you observe ponding water in a crawl space or basement at your business or residence, this is an indication of a drain tile problem. There may be a blockage somewhere. The sump pit should empty completely and the drain tile outlet flow easily. Since checking the crawl space or basement is not often a priority, water levels can increase without notice until it becomes serious. Moisture has a damaging effect on floor joists and wood trusses and can cause instability. Drain tile that has not been correctly installed can cause it to fail too soon. Regular evaluation of the structure by a trained plumber can ensure that your drain tile is in optimal condition.

Repairing drain tile can be tricky. If only a little section is affected, repair can usually be initiated quickly. It is often better, though, to replace the whole pipe to guarantee that the network is intact and functional.

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