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Drain tile efficiently safeguards a structure’s foundation from water runoff. The perforated pipe, its filter agent and the trough where they sit below ground surround the foundation and take water away from the building. Drain tile is most often installed during construction by skilled contractors who ensure that water will slope away from the foundation, although the drain tile can be added later. Incorrect installation can lead to a waterlogged yard and a wet basement. Consult with a specialist at All Valley Plumbing for professional guidance regarding drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Monroe.

If there is excess water in the crawl space or basement at your business or home, this indicates a drain tile problem. A line may be clogged, the sump pit may not completely empty or the drain tile outlet may not flow smoothly. Since most people do not check the basement of crawl space regularly, water can accumulate without notice and become serious. Floor joists and wood trusses can be damaged by water and become unstable. If drain tile is not put in appropriately, it can stop working too soon. Periodic assessment of the structure by an experienced plumber will aid in maintaining a moisture-free building.

Repairing a small section of drain tile is a doable task when undertaken by a pro. It is usually more effective, though, to replace the entire piping system to guarantee optimal function for years to come.

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