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The foundation of a home or business can be easily protected from flooding water with drain tiles. The specially designed pipe with holes, its filter fabric and the trough in which they lay below ground border the base of the structure and take water away from the walls. Drain tiles are typically installed during building construction and carefully slope water away from the foundation, although drain tile can be inserted later. A poorly-installed drain can lead to a wet basement and ponding in the yard. Consult All Valley Plumbing for professional advice regarding drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Mukilteo.

If you see water pooling in the basement or crawl space, this is often a sign of a drain tile problem. There may be an obstruction somewhere in the line. Your sump pit should drain entirely and the drain tile outlet flow easily. Since checking the crawl space or basement is usually not a priority, water can rise without anyone knowing until it becomes severe. Moisture can damage floor joists and wood trusses and cause building instability. Drain tile that has been imperfectly installed can cause premature failure. Regular evaluation of the structure by a knowledgeable plumber can ensure that your drain tile is functioning properly.

Repairing a drain tile that is not operating as intended can be challenging. If a small section is at fault, repair can be completed relatively quickly. It is often better, however, to replace the entire drain tile system to make certain that it remains intact and functions for years to come.

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