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Drain tile effectively protects a building’s foundation from flood water. The perforated pipe, its filter fabric and the trench in which they lay underground border the foundation and draw water away from the walls. Drain tiles are usually installed during building construction by contractors with experience in sloping water from the foundation, although it can be added later with a little more difficulty. A drain that is put in poorly can lead to ponding in the yard and a wet basement. Consult a professional at All Valley Plumbing for expert advice concerning drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Sultan.

If you notice water ponding in a crawl space or basement at your home or business, this often indicates a problem with your drain tile. There may be a blockage. Your sump pit should drain completely and the drain tile outlet flow freely with water. Since inspecting the crawl space or basement is typically not a priority, water levels can rise without anyone being aware of the issue until it becomes serious. Moisture adversely affects floor joists and wood trusses and can lead to instability. Drain tile that has been incorrectly installed can cause it to fail prematurely. Periodic evaluation of your structure by a skilled plumber can help to ensure that your drain tile is operating as it should.

Repairing a drain tile that is not functioning as designed can be tricky. If only a small section is affected, repair can be initiated quickly. It is often better to replace the entire pipe to make certain that the entire system is intact and operational and lasts for years to come.

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