Drain Tiles: What They Are And Why Your Stanwood Property Might Need Them

Drain Tiles: What They Are And Why Your Stanwood Property Might Need Them

Are you curious about drain tiles? Also known as French drains, many properties benefit from having them for proper drainage. If you are hoping to get a drain tile installation for your Stanwood property, All Valley Plumbing is here to assist. We offer installations, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement to provide quality results.

What Is Drain Tile? What Does It Do?

Adequate drainage remains one of the most important things to consider when building or purchasing a home. Water damage is expensive and highly inconvenient, so knowing you have the right drainage level is paramount. After all, the last thing a homeowner wants is a flooded basement with each rain storm. This is where a quality drain tile system can help.

Drain tile systems use perforated pipes installed along the home’s perimeter, inside or outside. The lines run along your foundation footings and get covered with gravel. Rather than water entering your home, it goes through the pipe perforations and gets taken out via a sump pump or carried away using gravity.

Besides French drain, other names for drain tiles include:

  • Footing tile
  • Perimeter drain
  • Drainage channel
  • Perforated drain
  • Foundation drain
  • Weeping tile

Does Your Property Need Drain Tile?

Many building codes will require drain tile installed around masonry and concrete foundations retaining earth that enclose usable or habitable space below grade. However, drainage may not be required when the foundation is set in a sand-gravel mix or well-drained soil. You can have your soil tested to find out which kind you have. However, most builders suggest installing some drainage around your foundation to add another layer of security.

All Valley Plumbing can help with drain tile installation in Stanwood, along with repair or replacement service. Call us at (425) 357-7420 for an appointment.