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How do you know if you have a problem with drainage on your property? There are several straightforward signs that there is a water flow issue that should be swiftly evaluated by a pro. All Valley Plumbing technicians are capable of a variety of drainage service & repair in Edmonds. Problems include:

  • Paint, siding and structural damage occur from the water in overflowing gutters.
  • Water in the foundation may be caused from downspouts that are too short. Water pouring into the ground also affects the integrity of the foundation, where extensive injury can result.
  • Stains in the basement may be due to surface or underground water.
  • A settling foundation often has tiny cracks. Any area larger than 1/8” is a concern. Monitoring gaps is important to make certain that they do not expand.
  • Water leaves gray or white residue or efflorescence on cellar walls. Spalling or large flaking areas may also be present.
  • Mildew below the roof in the attic often suggest trouble at the ground level, as humidity from the cellar or crawl space has climbed through the building and condensed on the attic ceiling.
  • There may be rivulets of water through the land or mulch that accumulates in one particular portion of the yard.

Drainage issues have numerous resolutions. You may need to replace gutters or downspouts or install drywells or a French drain. These fixes guide water where you want it to go rather than where it naturally travels.

Taking care of drainage problems when they are minor means that they are less expensive and easier to remedy. Contact the certified specialists at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 to plan your drainage service & repair in Edmonds.

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