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Drainage problems can cause a great deal of damage at a business or residence. Taking care of minor issues quickly ensures that the situation does not become more extensive and costly to resolve. All Valley Plumbing professionals have the essential expertise to handle all aspects of drainage service & repair in Granite Falls that include:

  • Spilling gutters spoil paint and siding and can leave structural injury.
  • Downspouts that are not sufficiently long cause water to pour directly into the foundation, where extensive property loss can occur.
  • Basement water stains may be due to surface or underground water.
  • Small foundation fissures are an ordinary component of settling. Cracks of more than 1/8” wide are cause for concern. Track crack widths to determine if they grow bigger.
  • Efflorescence (white or gray mineral accumulations from evaporating water) that shows up on basement walls or significant areas of flaking called spalling may indicate an issue with water flow.
  • Mildew underneath the roof in the attic demonstrates a dilemma on the ground, as dampness from the crawl space or basement has risen and condensed on the attic ceiling.
  • Runnels of water through the yard or mulch that has been moved to one spot should be examined.

Issues with drainage may be solved in numerous ways. New gutters or downspouts may be required, or a drywall or French drain installed to effectively deliver water away from the foundation.

Taking care of drainage concerns when they start means that resolution is easier, less complex and less expensive. Contact All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 for additional information about your drain concerns and schedule a service call for drainage service & repair in Granite Falls.



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