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How do you know if your commercial or home property has a water flow issue? There are several indications that you should seek professional help to address proper drainage. All Valley Plumbing specialists have the necessary expertise to handle drainage service & repair in Mukilteo that includes:

  • Gutters that leak or spill over damage paint, siding and the foundation.
  • Downspouts that are too small allow water right into the foundation, leaving wide-ranging loss.
  • Basement water staining may be from surface or underground water.
  • Hairline fractures in the foundation are typical. Cracks that are larger than 1/8” wide are a concern. Closely watch over gap sizes to learn if they increase.
  • White or gray residue left behind by water, termed efflorescence, that develops on basement walls or spalling, vast peeling patches, hint at a water flow issue.
  • Mold under the roof in the attic can indicate a water issue on the ground, as dampness from the lowest portions of the structure has risen and condensed at the top.
  • Rivers of water meandering through the lawn or mulch that clusters in one location signify a drainage situation.

There are many workable solutions for drainage difficulties. Resolution could be as straightforward as some new gutters or downspouts or digging a drywell or French drain may be required. These professional fixes will sufficiently guide water where you want it rather than where it can lead to expensive damage that is complicated to fix.

Swiftly taking care of drainage difficulties means that they are easier and less expensive to treat. Contact the accomplished technicians at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 for superior drainage service & repair in Mukilteo.

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