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What constitutes a drainage concern at your home or business? There are several indicators that should be addressed before a small issue becomes a big problem. The pros at All Valley Plumbing have the necessary expertise to deal with all types of drainage service & repair in Snohomish. They include:

  • Brimming gutters destroy paint and siding and leave structural damage.
  • Downspouts that are not long enough cause water to seep into the foundation, where it can cause extensive property loss.
  • Cellar water stains may be due to underground water or surface water.
  • Small foundation cracks are a normal part of settling. Cracks over 1/8” wide are a concern. Keep track of crack widths by marking them to see if they grow larger.
  • Efflorescence (white or gray mineral deposits left by evaporating water) that emerges on basement walls or large flaking areas known as spalling may signal an issue with water flow.
  • Mildew below the roof in the attic often shows that there is some trouble on the ground, as moisture from the crawl space or cellar has risen through the edifice and has condensed on the ceiling of the attic.
  • Gullies of water that travel through the yard or mulch that has been pushed to one spot should be noted.

There are numerous solutions to drainage problems. You may need new gutters or downspouts, a French drain or a drywell to properly remove water from your building.

Resolving drainage concerns at the outset means that they are easier to take care of and can save you money in repair costs. Speak with one of the licensed techs at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 to schedule drainage service & repair in Snohomish today.


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