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How do you know if your business or residential property has a problem with drainage? There are a few noticeable signs that there is an issue that should swiftly be remedied. The techs at All Valley Plumbing are equipped for drainage service & repair in Sultan that includes:

  • Brimming gutters affect paint and siding and cause damage to the structure.
  • Downspouts that are not long enough allow water seepage into the foundation, where thousands of dollars in property loss may result.
  • Basement stains may be from surface water or water below the ground.
  • Small foundation cracks are a normal aspect of settling over time. Crevices that exceed 1/8” wide are indicative of a more serious situation. Keep track of gap widths by marking them to see if they expand.
  • Efflorescence, identified as gray or white residue from evaporating water, that appears on walls of the basement or extensive areas of flaking, known as spalling, can indicate a concern with proper water flow.
  • When there is mildew below the roof, there is an issue at the ground level. At some point, dampness has risen from underground and condensed at the top of the structure.
  • Rivers of water through the landscape or mulch that gathers in one part of the yard should be noted.

Installing a French drain or drywell or even new gutters or downspouts may alleviate the water flow problem. These solutions make water go where it is supposed to rather than where it may naturally travel.

Putting an end to minor drainage problems means that they are easier to resolve and can save you a lot of money. Contact the experts at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 to plan drainage service & repair in Sultan.




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