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All Valley Plumbing is a plumbing industry leader with an excellent reputation for service in both Snohomish and King counties. Our certified technicians can efficiently and safely care for all your plumbing needs, including garbage disposal installation & repair service in Smokey Point. We offer convenient 24 hour residential and industrial emergency plumbing service for those times when an unexpected situation arises.

Garbage disposals are often taken for granted until they suddenly cease to work properly. Garbage disposals help to break down any food wastes that enter our kitchen sinks and then must be drained out through pipes. Garbage disposals can be broken by inappropriate debris, such as rocks or glass or metals, ending up in the disposal and jamming the parts. If your disposal becomes jammed, do not try to fix this on your own, and do not reach your hand into the disposal. Turn the power to your disposal off, and contact a professional plumber. If repairs are not possible, you can always replace the garbage disposal.

Our products are accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty and our work is guaranteed. Disposal components are hard-wearing, long lasting and will provide reliable use for a long time.

For additional convenience, you can opt for an air switch to operate the disposal instead of the more common electrical switch. Ask us about other ways we can adjust your disposal to work for you.

Since commercial disposal units are more complex than those in the home kitchen, we can repair or install garbage disposals in large-scale food operations that meet those specific needs for high capacity and use.

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