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When you need to eliminate kitchen waste, it is important that your disposal works properly. For superior and affordable garbage disposal installation & repair service in Stanwood, contact the pros at All Valley Plumbing. We are proud of our exceptional plumbing service and our stellar reputation in Snohomish and King counties. Plumbing connections, restoration and maintenance of your plumbing are successfully resolved by our expert technicians, the removal of an old or damaged disposal and replacing it with a newer model. For those unfortunate emergencies that seem to occur at the worst times, we are happy to offer  assistance in commercial and residential plumbing situations.

Each of our products is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and our labor is 100% promised. Well-made disposal components will meet your waste elimination needs in the kitchen in all circumstances, whether large or small.

For even more usefulness and accessibility, consider your options for connecting an air switch in place of a conventional electrical control. For supplementary enhancements that will make your system work even better with the latest technology, ask the advice of one of our knowledgeable plumbers. We can help you ensure that your disposal operates in the most effective way for you.

Our industrial garbage disposal service includes the unique requirements of extensive and small-scale food service facilities like restaurants and cafeterias that require specialized equipment. We will verify that your waste removal units will work efficiently in your commercial kitchen setting.

For the best and most cost-effective garbage disposal installation & repair service in Stanwood or for questions about proper disposal operation, telephone the licensed technicians at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420. We look forward to serving your disposal requirements with professionalism and attention to detail.

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