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For optimal performance and overall safe operation, it is wise to hire a pro to connect a new hot water heater. It is important to have the most suitable model, including the right design and size, for a residence or business. All Valley Plumbing technicians are ready to provide expert hot water tank installation in Granite Falls.

Our experienced crew will carefully install your hot water unit with minimal disruption and inconvenience. In addition, we also replace older and broken models. Hearing strange sounds from the tank, excess energy use and tepid rather than hot water are all signs that there is a problem. We can successfully evaluate the situation and settle it in a timely fashion and reasonable cost. Of course, the best option is to schedule regular appointments for water heater maintenance service so that the likelihood of malfunction is lessened.

All Valley Plumbing takes care of 3 types of water heaters:

  • Conventional large-tank water heaters are efficient and work better than ever before. They are suitable for high hot water volume situations and are relatively affordable.
  • Tankless water heaters are ideal for structures with limited space and they eliminate unnecessary energy loss, as water is heated on demand instead of being on standby.
  • Heat pump water heaters use warmth in the area surrounding them to heat water. Operating like an HVAC heat pump, this is a popular option.

Trust the plumbing specialists at All Valley Plumbing for reliable and economical hot water tank installation in Granite Falls whenever it is required. Join our long list of happy clients by phoning us at (425)357-7420 for an estimate or with general hot water heater questions.

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