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When your hot water heater does not function properly, the results may include clothes and people that are not quite clean and dishes that are not fully sanitized. Lack of adequately heated water is not only unhealthy but unsafe. It is fortunate that All Valley Plumbing technicians can supply reasonably-price and prompt hot water tank repair service in Granite Falls when the unit stops operating as it should.

There are a variety of obvious symptoms that you can look for that indicate the need for water heater repair, and the solutions vary according to the seriousness of the problem and if the heater is run by gas or electricity. Contact the pros for:

  • No hot water, not enough hot water or water that is too hot
  • Water takes a long time to heat
  • A noisy tank
  • Discolored water or water that smells funny
  • Dripping tank or pressure relief valve

Our plumbing techs will assess the tank and provide repair options that may encompass a new heating element or thermostat, flushing the tank, replacing the wiring or a new tank may be needed. Expenses for restoration depend on the size of your unit and what specifically is wrong. Trust the advice of our plumbers, as we have extensive experience with these situations.

For large or small problems with your gas or electric water heaters, inform All Valley Plumbing. . Don’t think twice about calling us at (425)357-7420 at any time make an appointment for  hot water tank repair service in Granite Falls at your commercial or residential property. We look forward to meeting your water heater needs.


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