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If you prefer to use clean dishes, have clean clothes and a clean body, it is vital that your water heater be in top condition. Lack of appropriately heated water is not just inconvenient, it can be unsafe, too. Fortunately, the specialists at All Valley Plumbing can provide swift and affordable hot water tank repair service in Lake Stevens when something goes wrong.

Signs that you should seek water heater repair vary, and resolutions can also differ according to the scope of the problem and whether your unit is gas or electric. Seek skilled advice for:

  • Not having hot water at all
  • Not having enough hot water
  • Water heating that is taking a long time
  • Water temperature that is too high
  • Heating elements that are loud
  • Colored water
  • Leaking tank or pressure relief valve
  • Unpleasant odor

Plumbing techs will carefully examine the tank and provide the most suitable solution to alleviate it. The unit may need new thermostats or elements, the tank may require flushing, wiring could be damaged, or it might be necessary to buy a new water heater. Repair costs depend on what kind of unit you have and what the problem is. Know that you can trust the work of experts with extensive experience and knowledge in this area.

For gas and electric water heater issues, notify All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420.  Schedule hot water tank repair service in Lake Stevens at your home or business today. We are ready to help you get your heater back to peak performance.

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