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Problems with your hot water are more than just troublesome. Water must be heated to a specific temperature to successfully sanitize clothing, dishes and people. Luckily, All Valley Plumbing technicians supply fast and effective hot water tank repair service in Monroe when the unit breaks down.

There are several things to look for that signal the need for water heater repair. The solutions range from very simple to complete replacement and differ for gas and electric models. Expert advice is necessary for:

  • Unpleasant smell
  • Leaks from the water heater or pressure relief valve
  • Not enough hot water, water that is too hot or no hot water at all
  • Extensive water reheating time
  • Heating elements that are curiously loud
  • Dirty water

Plumbing professionals will carefully examine the situation and offer the best resolution to remedy it. The solution could be: replacing a thermostat or heating element, cleaning out the tank, exchanging wiring or it may be necessary to get a new unit. Costs for repair vary depending on unit size and the diagnosis. Trust the specialists who have the necessary education and skill in this type of work to ensure safety and adequate operation.

For gas and electric water heater difficulties or for questions about your unit, contact the team at All Valley Plumbing.  Connect with us and talk with one of our plumbers at (425)357-7420 to plan your hot water tank repair service in Monroe. Leave your hot water tank problems to us.

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