Out-Of-Sight, Out-Of-Mind? Don’t Forget Your Water Main Line!

Out-Of-Sight, Out-Of-Mind? Don't Forget Your Water Main Line!

While you might be familiar with the piping connecting your sinks, tubs, and showers throughout your home, many people forget about the main water line. Your main water line brings fresh, clean water into your home and all fixtures. But seeing how you don’t have a daily visible reference, you may forget about it until something goes wrong. All Valley Plumbing wants to remind Mukilteo homeowners that this line pulls heavy duty for your home, so you need to take care of it.

These are some of the top signs that it is time to check to see if your main water line has a problem:

  1. Significant Water Bill Increases – Your summer water bill will usually be higher if you have a pool, water your lawn, or shower more often. However, if your account seems out of the ordinary or your colder weather totals are just as high as summertime, you could have a leak within the main water line.
  2. Strange Noises – If you hear gurgling in the sinks when you flush your toilets or notice that the pipes make strange noises when water is being used, you could have a systemic plumbing problem.
  3. Exterior Symptoms – Some property owners with a leaking main water line could see cracks in their home foundation or sinkholes where the water line is underground.
  4. Water Pressure Issues – Low pressure when showering or trying to fill a sink or tub is a common sign that the main water line could be clogged. A blockage in the piping from tree roots could turn into a complete line break.
  5. Cloudy Water – There are several causes of cloudy water, but it could also come from damaged or disintegrating water lines.

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