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Sometimes a plumbing problem takes only a simple twist of a wrench to repair and at others, more intensive equipment and a professional are required. A certified plumber in Lynnwood is an expert at dealing with minor plumbing issues and even extensive restoration work. From a smelly, backed-up toilet to a broken garbage disposal to a leaky faucet, All Valley Plumbing is ready to address the situation quickly without any major inconvenience.

Leaks are quite common, even from brand-new equipment that may not have been installed correctly. There may be noticeable water dripping somewhere or there may be other indications of which you should be aware. These include:

  • Pipes that make noise.
  • A water bill that is higher than normal.
  • Rust stains in a sink or rusty water
  • Wet soil in the yard where it should not be wet
  • Wet walls or floors

We are proud to utilize a highly-accurate leak detection system to find leaks that may not be immediately visible so that we can correct problems before additional damage occurs.

Our plumbing services are varied and cover a wide range of issues. We can repair, install, replace or maintain:

  • Cold and hot water systems
  • Hot water tanks and tankless units
  • Sinks, toilets, showers, drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Renovations or new construction of all sizes
  • Boilers
  • Residential or commercial applications
  • Re-piping a damaged area or a whole piping network
  • Sewer and water lines
  • Loosen clogs in drains, sewers and toilets

Since plumbing issues usually occur at the most inconvenient moments, we offer 24 hour emergency service to take care of leaks and other situations swiftly and effectively. Our knowledgeable plumbers have the necessary skills and experience to tackle all your plumbing situations.

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All Valley Plumbing can help you with the following issues in the North Seattle and Snohomish County area:

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