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Certified plumbers in Lake Stevens are adept at all manner of pipe issues around a home or business. Emergencies like clogged toilets or sink backups or installation of a new Jacuzzi or hot water system are all standard for plumbing professionals.

While a simple twist of a wrench can stop a basic leak, safety dictates that only licensed plumbers handle plumbing situations. The cost for hiring a plumber varies widely according to what he is hired to do, equipment required and amount of time taken to address the issue. You can actually save money by employing a skilled plumber rather than attempting – and failing – at the job yourself.

The plumbers at All Valley Plumbing are equipped to evaluate, install, maintain, repair and replace a variety of plumbing components and fixtures in commercial and residential buildings. Additional services include:

  • Installation of new drains, pipes and fittings for water and sewer
  • Repair and remove blockages from drains
  • Repair or replace toilets
  • Remove old fixtures and pipes and install new ones in a home or business renovation
  • Maintain plumbing equipment throughout a structure, no matter how large or small
  • Service garbage disposals
  • Re-pipe a single segment of pipe or an entire network
  • Care for cold and hot water systems
  • Install and repair hot water tanks and tankless units
  • Install, replace or repair shower heads and sinks
  • Maintain boiler systems
  • Locate the source of an otherwise invisible leak with a state-of-the-art leak detection device

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