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A plumbing system within most types of buildings is comprised of a complex network of separate and interconnected pipes that permit water to flow freely when a faucet is turned on or to flush waste from a toilet down through a municipality’s sewer main. Most people never even ponder the aspects of plumbing until a problem arises. We simply want the plumbing to work and have no interest in how it operates. The average competent individual is unquestionably equipped to address a leak beneath the sink but assignments such as shower head installation, cleaning a sewer drain or hot water problems should be referred to expert plumbers. All Valley Plumbing can handle all your plumbing in Smokey Point.

We are proficient at both commercial and residential plumbing installation, upkeep, restoration and replacement, including issues in extensive operations, small companies, lease or rental properties and residences of any size. Our technicians can take care of appropriate boiler operations, as well. We can also get rid of an older hot water heater and substitute it with a new energy efficient tankless model.

As buildings and the landscape around them age, tree and shrubbery roots spread deeper and wider and often block the steady stream of water or waste through underground pipes. They can sometimes be crushed or even burst unexpectedly. We can re-pipe a small section or the entire pipe system. Our leak detection technology is an asset in this area, as broken pipes are characteristically tough to locate.

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