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Residential PlumbingAt All Valley Plumbing, we are experts at providing quality, affordable plumbing services for your home. We specialize in your typical plumbing issues but we are also very experienced in transforming bathrooms and kitchens into your favorite rooms in the house which you’ll enjoy using day in and day out.

Plumbing Services Provided

  • Shower Head Installation

    Even though the replacement of a shower head may seem simple, this is something that can easily be done wrong. Calling upon a professional to install a shower head helps to ensure that everything is done correctly the first time while also helping to save a great deal of time and money.

  • Bathroom Plumbing

    It goes without saying that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Because of this, it is crucial that the plumbing is always done properly. You can count on our team of plumbing professionals to help you with any element of bathroom plumbing that you may require at your home, including everything from installation to repair or replacement

  • Kitchen Plumbing

    The kitchen contains a great deal of plumbing fixtures and these are all elements that need to work properly. Whenever there is an issue with your dishwasher breaking down or the faucet is broken, it can end up putting a major damper on your daily processes.

  • House Repiping

    We’re your repiping specialist in Lake Stevens! We’re experts at repiping your house, or even commercial plumbing pipe replacement. Get a free estimate today.

  • Clogged sinks

    What many homeowners may not realize is that there can be an issue with their sink drain that is brewing that is progressively getting worse. Depending upon the area of the home where the sink is located, there can be a number of elements that make their way down the drain that can lead to a clog.

  • Garbage Disposals

    There can come a time when you find yourself faced with a garbage disposal that is not working properly. These systems work to shred up a variety of food waste so that it ends up being small enough to go through the plumbing system of the home to be removed via the waste system. Because the disposal is tied to your plumbing and septic, it needs to be working properly or it can lead to other issues that need to be addressed.

  • Broken pipes

    The water and plumbing pipes throughout your home are the framework for your entire plumbing system. This includes everything having to do with the fresh water supply that comes into your home from local water or your well, making its way into your faucets, showers, tubs, appliances, and much more. Caring for all of your pipe work is very important and whenever something goes wrong, it is just as important to have someone you can call that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

  • Water softeners

    Whenever there is hard water coming into the home, it brings with it minerals such as magnesium and calcium. If this happens, soap and other detergents will have a difficult time lathering or pose a problem when it comes to rinsing clean. This can leave a good amount of soap scum on your dishes, your tub and shower, or even your skin.

  • Hot water heat

    When you have a hot water heating system in your home, it is a great way to get the whole home heat that you desire just as long as it functions properly. Our professional plumbing experts can be there to ensure your hot water heating system is up and running properly at all times to offer you the maximum output and efficiency.

  • Hydronic Heating (Boilers)

    With hydronic heating, the system helps to provide warmth by working to pump out hot water to the radiators, to heat exchangers, or to under-floor tubing throughout the home. If you are looking for a full installation of such a system, our team of professional plumbers can come out to your location and go over all of the options that are available to you.

  • Radiant Heat

    Did you know that there are a number of great ways that you can heat your home while using a radiant heat source?If you are dealing with some sort of issue with your heating system or the one you have in place is out of date, we can talk with you about your options in a new system using radiant heat. With such an installation, you can expect warmth for the entire house or just supplemental heat to go with the other heating sources you are using all while keeping the price point down.

  • Steam Heat

    While a radiator or a boiler may not be installed in a newer home, there are many older residences that still have steam heat as the main heating source. This type of a system is also one that works well in any sort of a larger building or a multi-family residence.

  • Gas Heat

    There are a number of consumers that prefer to have gas heat in the home over any other source of heating. Gas heat is an option that is reliable, efficient, convenient, and comfortable, which is just the tip of the ice berg as to why it is so popular. The heating systems today that use gas offer a wealth of choices for homeowners to outfit their living space with the ultimate in heat and efficiency for years of great results.

  • Water pumps

    If you are noticing that you are dealing with water that is dirty, there is a surge when the water is being used, there is low water pressure, there are spits or bursts of air coming out when the faucet is turned on, or there is no water, these are all indications that there is something wrong. This could mean that there is some sort of issue with the water pump for your well that has to be addressed.

  • Water Main

    Working on a main water line is something that can be a bit of a costly undertaking for a homeowner. If there is a broken line, there can end up being flooding and a number of issues that will arise.

  • Sewer lines

    When it comes to the proper function of your home, the sewer line is a crucial element. Improperly working sewer systems can lead to costly repairs if you are not careful, so the guidance and help from a professional will be your best bet.