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When you have a clog in one or more of your drains or in the water pipes, you should contact an experienced rooter service in Bothell to make the repair. In the beginning, rooter service was necessary because of tree roots that crept into substandard water lines. This sometimes happens today, too, but there are other issues that are more prevalent, like grease, hair and garbage accumulation and the occasional object that lands in the drain unexpectedly.

The plumbing techs at All Valley Plumbing employ different methods to resolve a blockage situation, depending upon its severity. A section of pipe may need to be manually removed to take out the clog or a plumber’s snake could be inserted into the drain to break up and clear the offending material and restore smooth flow of water.

Drains in lavatories, kitchens, utility rooms and cellars in homes and businesses of all sizes are within our scope of service. Floor drains, toilets and sinks that have a clog or are running too slowly must be addressed quickly to prevent pipe damage and reduce the possibility of overflow.

Scheduling periodic rooter service aids in ensuring that you have less need for the expertise of a plumber. Since a blocked drain can occur unexpectedly and often at the most inopportune moments, we offer emergency plumbing service.

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