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For those unwelcome times when there is a clog in your water lines or drainage network, your best route is to hire a rooter service in Edmonds whom you can trust to successfully take care of the issue. The first piping systems were made with substandard materials and it was common for tree roots to infiltrate the pipes via holes and cracks that constantly developed. While that can still happen today, there are other reasons that drains may be blocked, including excess hair, grease, debris and items that have wrongly landed in the drain.

There are several methods that the pros at All Valley Plumbing utilize to free your pipes of unwanted congestion. An instrument identified as a plumber’s snake can often eliminate a clog or from time to time, a portion of pipe must be removed to manually take out the offending matter.

Drain difficulties in a home or business can be solved, whether they are in the bath, kitchen, cellar or utility room. From sinks to tubs to fixtures in the floor, our plumbers are prepared to fix a slow or jammed drain and lessen the chances for damage to pipes or an overflow.

Periodic rooter service is necessary to sustain your plumbing system, as there is less probability that plumbing and toilet repairs are needed. Since there are times when a clog does happen, we opportunely provide plumbing service 24 hours every day.

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