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When your drainage system and water lines are backed up, you need qualified rooter service in Granite Falls to address the problem. Rooter service originally stemmed from roots from trees and shrubs that infiltrated the first pipes through cracks and holes that developed in the inferior material. This type of situation still occurs today, but there are other causes, as well, for backed up drains. Hair, foreign objects, garbage and grease all result in blockages in drain systems.

Rooter service from All Valley Plumbing primarily takes two forms. Segments of pipe may need to be removed to manually take out the debris or a plumber’s snake can be utilized to loosen the blockage and allow water to flow smoothly again.

Our team is able to take care of drain issues in all parts of your home or business, including the cellar, kitchen, lavatory and utility room. From bathtubs to sinks to floor drains, we can restore a slow or choked up drain and eradicate the chances of overflow and pipe damage.

Scheduled rooter service is an important aspect of complete maintenance for your plumbing network and ensures that you experience fewer toilet and other plumbing repairs. Certainly, an unanticipated clog can happen any time, so we provide 24-hour emergency accessibility whenever you need us.

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