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When your drains and water pipes are clogged, you need professional rooter service in Lake Stevens. Originally, “rooter service” stemmed from the main culprit in underground water systems – roots and trees that grew into inferior water lines via developing cracks and gaps. Today, this does still occur, but there are many other reasons that your drains are backed up, including accumulation of grease, hair, other debris and foreign objects that may have found their way into the lines.

All Valley Plumbing rooter service employs several different implements to repair your water pipes. The technicians may use a plumber’s “snake” to remove a blockage or it may be necessary to remove parts of a pipe to manually take out the offending material.

We can effectively address drain problems in all areas of your home or business, including the kitchen, lavatory, basement and utility room. From sinks to toilets to floors, we can repair a slow running or stopped up drain and eliminate the likelihood of flooding and damage to pipes.

Periodic rooter service is a valuable portion of overall maintenance for your plumbing system. It ensures that you have fewer plumbing and toilet repairs. Of course, an unexpected clog can occur at any time, so we offer 24-hour emergency availability for when you need us most.

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