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The plumbing specialists at All Valley Plumbing have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any type of drain problem in your home or business. We take pride in our stellar service and affordable rates and can address clogs in the basement, kitchen, cellar or utility room in the sink, tub, toilet or floor drain. Sluggish or blocked drains are no match for our superior rooter service in Mukilteo.

When people first designed pipes, the networks were constructed with available materials, which were not designed to last. Tree roots often penetrated these pipes in cracks and holes that continued to develop. While tree roots are still a problem today, more common culprits include an overabundance of garbage, hair and grease and items that have dropped in the drain.

To fix the blockage, a plumber’s snake may be introduced into the drain to undo and then eradicate the clog. Another remedy involves removal of a portion of pipe to take out the material manually.

Your plumbing system will last longer with regular rooter service, as it helps to safeguard against plumbing problems.

All Valley Plumbing is pleased to supply affordable and reliable rooter service in Mukilteo and surrounding areas. Reach out to us at (425)357-7420 for service.


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