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Sewer line problems can be a bit more complicated than they first appear. If you have a toilet or sink back-up, you may be left with a water leak and an unpleasant smell. There are times when you can take care of the issue if you believe the line remains intact. In other cases, sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Arlington is a wise choice. The certified professionals at All Valley Plumbing have the knowledge and expertise to help.

Typical sewer line obstructions include kitchen and food waste, paper, hair and a variety of other items. Problems can be manifested via sluggish drains and toilets. A few thrusts with a plunger can often release the blockage.

If a single toilet or sink seems to be the source of the difficulty, stop using that fixture until the problem is addressed to sidestep more damage. It is more likely, though, that a few fixtures are involved since pipes are connected. Rubble may freed with a plunger or a combination of vinegar and hot water emptied into the drain. Reach out to a plumber for qualified intervention if these actions are unsuccessful.

A plumbing technician will assess the problem with special cameras or leak finding gear to determine the best way to tackle it. Tools like sewer jets, a plumber’s snake or an air burst drain cleaner may be employed. A damaged pipe will require more extensive repair or complete replacement.

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