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Plumbing issues are not only annoying but unhealthy. A sewer line back-up at your business or home can lead to water leakage and an unfortunate smell. If you are lucky, you can take care of the issue yourself, if you believe the sewer line has not broken. For more complicated situations, you need sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Edmonds from the expert technicians at All Valley Plumbing.

Hair, food and other waste, paper goods and unexpected objects are all common sources of blockage in sewer lines. This is evident when your toilet or sink drains too slowly. A few tries with a plunger can sometimes release the clog if it is a small one.

If a single sink or toilet seems to be the problem, it is smart to stop using it until the situation is fixed. Usually, though, multiple fixtures are implicated. Waste may be eliminated with a hot water and vinegar solution emptied into the drain or by using a plunger. If these measures do not take care of the blockage, a plumber is required.

A skilled plumbing technician will assess the situation and may apply specialized cameras or leak detection gear to determine the best means to address it. Sewer jets, air burst drain cleaners or a plumber’s snake may work. If the situation is more serious, like a splintered or broken pipe, advanced restoration approaches will be necessary.

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