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Evaluating and resolving plumbing issues can be tricky. A backed-up sink or toilet can lead to leakage and an unpleasant odor. There are occasions when you can address the issue yourself, if you think there is a straightforward line obstruction and if you think the pipe is unbroken. Otherwise, sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Granite Falls is required. The team at All Valley Plumbing is ready to assist you.

Familiar sewer line impediments include food and additional waste, paper goods, hair and miscellaneous other items. Problem indicators include slow-flushing toilets or sinks that seem to take extra time to empty. A simple plunger can sometimes release the blockage after a few tries.

If you think one specific sink or toilet is the culprit, it is better to not use that fixture until the problem is eliminated. It is more usual, though, to find that multiple fixtures are involved. Debris may freed with a plunger or a vinegar and hot water mixture poured down the drain. Contact a certified plumber for professional intervention if these preparations are unsuccessful.

A plumbing technician will take stock of the problem and use specialized cameras or leak detection apparatus to decide on the most efficient resolution. Tools like a plumber’s snake, air burst drain cleaners or sewer jets may be deployed. A more complicated issue like a broken or fractured pipe will need more widespread repair or complete replacement.

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