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Assessing and resolving sewer line issues can be complicated. A sink or toilet that has backed up can cause leakage and a disagreeable odor. Sometimes you can address the situation yourself, if you feel it is only a simple obstruction in the line and not a broken pipe. Otherwise, sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Lynnwood is the best choice. The certified crew at All Valley Plumbing is equipped to assist you.

Typical impediments in the sewer line include food and kitchen waste, hair, paper goods and numerous other items. Problems may include sluggish toilets and sink drains. A plunger can often be employed to free the blockage.

If one sink or toilet seems to be the culprit, do not use that fixture until the problem is resolved to avoid more damage. It is likely, though, that several fixtures are involved since pipes interconnect. Debris may released with a plunger or a mixture of vinegar and hot water poured into the drain. Contact a reliable plumber for professional involvement if these measures are unsuccessful.

A plumbing tech will evaluate the problem and use special cameras or leak detection gear to determine the best resolution. Implements like a plumber’s snake, an air burst drain cleaner or sewer jet may be used. A more critical issue like a damaged or fractured pipe will need more extensive repair or complete substitution.

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