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Identifying and repairing sewer line problems at your business or residence can be a tricky situation. Obstructions in the line can cause a foul odor and water leaks. Sometimes the issue is small enough that you can handle it, if you believe that the pipe is intact. More serious situations should be left to expert sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Marysville by the professionals at All Valley Plumbing.

Paper products, hair, food waste and other items are common causes for blockage in sewer lines. You can tell you have a problem if your toilet flushes and refills slowly or a sink drain takes a long time to empty. One simple remedy that often works is using a plunger to disengage the clog.

If a single toilet or sink seems to be the problem source, stop using that fixture until the obstruction is removed. Typically, though, multiple fixtures are involved. It is possible that pouring a solution of hot water and vinegar into the drain may clear it or repeat plunging may be attempted, as well. If these ideas do not work, it is time to call a plumber.

A plumbing technician will evaluate the situation with leak detecting apparatus or cameras and determine how to approach the situation. Popular solutions include using a plumber’s snake, an air burst drain cleaner or sewer jet nozzle. A more complicated problem like a fractured or fragmented pipe will involve extensive repair or replacement and complex restoration techniques.

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