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Unless you have some experience, tackling plumbing problems can be challenging for a DIYer. An obstructed sink or toilet can cause leaks and a disagreeable aroma. If you believe that something is blocking the line, you can sometimes take care of the issue yourself. If the pipe is broken, you need sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Mukilteo. All Valley Plumbing professionals are ready to help.

Common sewer line barriers include paper goods, hair, food waste and any number of other items. You know there is something wrong if you notice that a sink is slow to drain or a toilet flushes very sluggishly. A few well-aimed thrusts with a plunger may dislodge the blockage.

If one sink or toilet appears to be the problem source, stop using that fixture until the situation is resolved. Frequently, though, a few fixtures are implicated since the plumbing system is all connected. Pouring a hot water and vinegar mixture into the drain or using a plunger may work. If not, contact a licensed plumber for expert involvement.

A plumbing specialist will examine the problem with small, specialized cameras or leak finding equipment to arrive at the most sensible resolution. Gear like an air burst drain cleaner, plumber’s snake or sewer jets may be employed. A ruptured or otherwise broken pipe will involve a more complex solution, like limited or total replacement.

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