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Evaluating problems with the plumbing can be risky for a do-it-yourselfer. A blockage in the sink or toilet can lead to leaks and a disagreeable odor. Sometimes you can address the issue yourself if you think there is a simple line obstruction and the pipe is not broken. Most of the time, sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Smokey Point is necessary. All Valley Plumbing can help.

Common sewer line obstacles are food waste, paper, hair and a variety of additional items. You may notice that a toilet flushes very slowly or a sink takes a long time to drain. A few targeted thrusts with a plunger may loosen the blockage.

If one sink or toilet appears to be the offender, it is best to stop using that fixture until the problem is resolved. Often, though, several fixtures are involved, as the plumbing system interconnects. Debris may freed with a hot water and vinegar mixture poured in the drain or with a plunger. Touch base with a licensed plumber for expert intervention if these preparations do not work.

A plumbing specialist will look over the problem with specialized cameras or leak detection equipment to settle on the most effective resolution. Tools like an air burst drain cleaner, plumber’s snake or sewer jets may be utilized. A cracked or otherwise damaged pipe will require a more involved solution, like partial or total replacement.

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