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A problem with your sewer line is not usually a job for the average DIYer. Toilet or sink back-ups often result in leaks and a disgusting smell. If you think it is a simple obstruction in the line, you may be able to take care of the issue yourself. A fractured pipe is another matter entirely. For sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Stanwood, rely on All Valley Plumbing specialists to take care of it for you.

Food and other kitchen waste, hair, paper and various additional items can create a blockage in the line. You may notice that a toilet flushes sluggishly or a sink drain seems to take a long time to empty. Strategic use of a plunger sometimes clears the line.

Stop using the sink or toilet if you believe the problem originates there so that more damage does not occur. Typically, more than one fixture is responsible. Trying the plunger method or emptying a solution of hot water and vinegar into the drain may work. If not, a skilled plumber is necessary.

A plumbing pro will evaluate the situation with leak finding equipment or small cameras to determine the most efficient way to take care of it. Use of a long plumber’s snake, an air burst drain cleaner or sewer jets may be applied. A pipe that has minor damage can likely be repaired, although replacement is a possibility for more serious injuries.

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