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All Valley Plumbing is pleased to offer top-of-the-line sewer repair in Everett, including cleaning and substitution of sewer lines, because of:

  • Rusted pipes that have become misshapen
  • Jammed pipes from an unknown object or buildup of grease
  • Collapsed, fractured, unbalanced or broken pipes from shifting or settling soil or a hard freeze
  • Bellied pipe (a dip in the pipe from adverse ground conditions) that collects waste
  • Broken seals in the joints that leak
  • Second-rate pipe materials that cause premature deterioration or corrosion
  • Shrub and tree root interference that has caused line damage

Our experienced technicians take advantage of the newest technology and equipment to resolve these unwelcome problems, including:

  • Repair of a sewer line via an accessible hole in the soil to reach the damaged pipe, sometimes with a backhoe to dig out and refill the area.
  • Whenever feasible, All Valley Plumbing utilizes trenchless sewer line repair procedures to complete a restoration without more aggressive techniques.
  • To reach a burst pipe, we generate small entry holes in the ground at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe. A hydraulic mechanism moves a whole replacement pipe beside the track of the previous one and demolishes the old pipe at the same time. The strong new pipe resists leaks and root intrusion.
  • Pipe relining utilizes epoxy to develop a lining that molds right to the interior of the pipe, similar to the lining of food cans. This procedure is often completed through a structure’s clean-out entrance and requires little digging. It works well for seal cracks and holes, root-damaged pipes, roof drain pipes, beneath concrete and storm lines. This highly efficient method of repair highlights a seamless and sturdy finish and is nontoxic.

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