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All Valley Plumbing provides several different types of sewer repair in Lake Stevens, including replacement and cleaning of sewer lines, due to:

  • Corroded pipes that have become distorted
  • Blocked pipes from a foreign object or grease buildup
  • Collapsed, cracked, offset or broken pipes from settling, soil shifting and a hard freeze
  • Bellied pipe (a dip in the pipe from adverse ground conditions) that collects waste
  • Joints that leak because of broken seals
  • Substandard pipe materials that lead to early deterioration or corrosion
  • Root intrusion from trees and shrubs that have caused damage to the lines

Our technicians utilize the latest equipment and technology to resolve these unfortunate problems, including:

  • Sewer line repair utilizing an open cut to the terrain to reach the affected area of the pipe. Sometimes a backhoe clears and refills the hole.
  • Whenever possible, All Valley Plumbing takes advantage of trenchless sewer line repair methods to affect a restoration without more invasive techniques.
  • To reach a pipe that has burst, we create small access holes where the damage to the pipe begins and ends. Our hydraulic machine draws a complete replacement pipe along the path of the old one and destroys the old pipe simultaneously. The new pipe is stronger and resists leaks and intrusion of roots.
  • Pipe relining forms a pipe within a pipe with epoxy materials that mold to the interior of the current pipe, like the lining of food cans. This process can often be completed via a structure’s clean-out access and necessitates little digging. It is effective for holes and cracks in seals, pipes that have root damage, drain pipes in the roof, storm lines and below concrete. This highly effective repair method emphasizes a seamless and durable finish and is nonhazardous.

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