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Sewer repair in Smokey Point, including sewer line replacement and routine maintenance, is necessarily complex.

Sewer repairs require experienced and knowledge plumbers. Many things can go wrong with sewer repairs if not handled correctly. A minor repair could end up being massive if done incorrectly, and could cost thousands of dollars in damage. All Valley Plumbing has both certified plumbing technicians and the most advanced equipment to address a wide range of sewer issues that include:

  • Corroded pipes.
  • Pipes that are blocked by grease or another obstacle.
  • Pipes that have been affected by settling, frozen or unbalanced soil.
  • Pipe seals that are cracked or broken.
  • Bellied pipes.
  • Connection of low-grade pipe materials.
  • Pipes that have been crushed by tree roots.

Our expert plumbers can effectively diagnose your plumbing situation with the most advanced technology and apparatus and resolve the problem by utilizing:

  • Sewer line repair with a backhoe or other machine.
  • Trenchless sewer line restoration without disturbing the soil.
  • Sewer re-piping.
  • Sewer pipe relining with a durable and seamless epoxy.

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