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Preparing your business or your home for the excessive rain that occurs in our area each year is a necessity. Putting in and utilizing a sump pump, particularly for a basement or an underground level, is wise. All Valley Plumbing experts are trained to deliver sump pumps installation & repair service in Arlington.

Foundation cracks and gaps allow rainwater to seep into a structure. Wall and foundation damage are the unfortunate results, in addition to flooding that leads to dramatic loss of property and destroys flooring. Digging a sump pit allows water to accrue in the cavity and the pump to eliminate the water before problems occur.

Distinct size rooms require separate sump pumps. To avoid burning, a submersible pump sits in the water in the hole and works effectively in a small space. A pedestal pump requires a larger area for suitable air circulation that discourages overheating. Both pumps draw water up and out of the pit through a drain pipe.

Operating the pump involves a float switch. Deep, broad pits are more effective with tethered switches. A slender, shallow pit requires a vertical switch. Electronic switches can be used with both options and include electric water level interpretations.

Repair or replacement of the sump pump may be necessary if the area is flooded or overly damp, if the pit is brimful or noises originate from the pump. A pump often lasts 5-10 years, depending on usage.

All Valley Plumbing installs sump plumbing and pumps and will dig pits. We also offer all-encompassing maintenance service for all aspects of pump operation.

Our plumbers provide faithful sump pumps installation & repair service in Arlington at reasonably priced rates. Phone (425)357-7420 to speak with All Valley Plumbing.

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