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Preparing your business or your home for the expected 3 feet of rain in our area each year is a necessary precaution. Putting in and maintaining a sump pump, especially for a basement or an underground level, makes sense. All Valley Plumbing pros are equipped to supply sump pumps installation & repair service in Edmonds and nearby communities.

Rain and water usually seep into an undiscovered hole or crack in the foundation. This often creates wall and foundation damage, as well as flooding that spoils everything that it reaches. A sump pit allows water to accumulate in the cavity and the pump to get rid of the water before soaking occurs.

Different situations require different sump pumps. To avoid burning up, a submersible pump lies in the groundwater in the hole and works well in a small space. A pedestal pump needs a larger area for proper air circulation that deters overheating. Both pumps draw water up from the pit through a drain pipe and flows outside.

Operating the pump requires a float switch. Deep, broad pits perform best with tethered switches. Slender, shallow pits function better with vertical switches. Electronic switches can be utilized with both options and include electric water level readings.

Repair or replacement of the sump pump may be required if the lowest level or basement is flooded or wet, if the pit is overflowing or noises come from the pump. A pump usually lasts 5-10 years.

The pros at All Valley Plumbing install sump plumbing, pits and pumps. We also furnish maintenance service for pump operation and battery fluid level observation, battery assessment, dual float switch design and automatic charging.

Our certified plumbers supply dependable sump pumps installation & repair service in Edmonds at affordable prices. Call (425)357-7420 for an appointment with All Valley Plumbing.


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