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Since northwest Washington averages about 3 feet of rain or more yearly, advance preparation is essential to protect your business or your home. A sump pump, principally in a basement or underground level, keeps groundwater from building up. All Valley Plumbing is an area leader for sump pumps installation & repair service in Lynnwood.

Rain and water frequently penetrate a building via a foundation crack or hole. Excess water damages the foundation, walls and anything in its path. A sump pit stores the water temporarily and the pump drains it before the area is soaked.

Sump pumps differ in relation to the size of the space. A submersible pump sits in the water in the pit to keep it cool in small areas. A pedestal pump is air-cooled and requires additional space for circulation to avoid overheating. Both pumps take away water via a drain pipe that that leads out of the building.

A float switch turns on the sump pump. Tethered switches are appropriate for deep, wide sump pits. Narrow, shallow pits function best with vertical switches. Electronic switches can be employed with both designs but read water stages electronically.

If your basement is overly damp or becomes flooded, the pit is overflowing or unexpected noises come from the pump, you should call for sump pump repair. Most pumps last for about 5-10 years.

All Valley Plumbing experts install sump pumps, pits and plumbing in businesses and homes of every size. We also provide regular maintenance service that includes watching the condition of the pump and levels of battery fluid, assessment of the battery, dual float switch models and programmed control and charging.

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