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Readying your business or your home for the 3 feet of rain anticipated in our area every year is a necessary evil. Installing and maintaining a sump pump, especially if you have a basement or a level underground, is a smart move. All Valley Plumbing pros will expertly supply sump pumps installation & repair service in Snohomish.

Rain and water typically seep into an unidentified crack or hole in your foundation. This often develops into damage in walls and the foundation, in addition to flooding that ruins everything in its path. Excavating a sump pit allows water to collect in the cavity and the pump to remove water before the area becomes saturated.

Sump pumps are designed to meet specific situations. To prevent overheating, a submersible pump rests in the ground water of the hole. A pedestal pump requires mores space for air flow to deter overheating. The pedestal pump works better in a larger area. Both pumps take water from the pit through a drain pipe that goes outside.

Starting the pump requires a float switch. Deep, wide pits function best with tethered switches. Narrow, shallow pits operate better with vertical switches. Electronic switches can be utilized with both designs that include electric parts to read water levels.

Sump pump repair may be necessary if you have a flooded or wet lower level, if the pit is too full or noises emanate from the pump. The pumps typically last 5-10 years.

All Valley Plumbing installs sump pits, sump plumbing and sump pumps. We also provide maintenance service: pump operation and battery fluid level monitoring, battery evaluation, dual float switch design and automatic charging and function.

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