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There are many options today when you want to have efficient water heating for your home or business. If you are limited on space, you can look into a tankless water heater. Often looked at as a better option than a conventional water heater unit, these tankless options offer on-demand hot water while taking up only a fraction of the space. All Valley Plumbing is your answer when you need tankless hot water heater service & repair in Camano Island. Our team has the experience and knowledge about installing tankless water heaters as well as the best ways to diagnose and repair them.

With these appliances, there can be some operational issues that arise, yet they are few and far between. Should your tankless water heating unit stop heating or there is not a sufficient flow of hot water, our technicians can help. You may require a simple adjustment to get everything up and running again.

To guarantee peak performance, you should be thinking about regular cleaning and maintenance of your tankless hot water heater. These cleanings are useful for making sure that calcium deposits are not building up inside the unit, which can throw the burner temperature off balance. The need for such maintenance will depend a great deal on the hardness of your water. Additionally, servicing your unit like this can help to prevent a leak in your heat exchanger.

If you are looking at a tankless unit to replace your aging conventional water tank, we will be happy to visit your home to go over your needs and make suggestions on the right installation for your budget.

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